Automate tasks, and speed up your business!

Automate anything from simple trigger-action tasks to complex mission-critical workflows with a powerful and scalable platform, and a simple and flexible Notion-like UI.

Frontpad is a more flexible and powerful Zapier and alternative.


How can Frontpad help you?

Common problems with tools like Zapier or

  1. They lack editing flexibility. It is difficult to change the order of your actions, and data mappings.
  2. You can't reuse functionality that you implemented in other workflows or projects.
  3. Sometimes functionality falls short and you need to switch to code.
  4. For mission-critical workflows, current tools are not reliable or scalable enough and you have to use code instead.

Frontpad is designed to solve all of the above!


  1. Frontpad has a Notion-like editing experience, making your workflows very flexible and easy to edit.
  2. Frontpad has functions and custom actions which let you reuse common functionality across your workflows. This gives you a lot of flexibility and power.
  3. Frontpad is as powerful as code.
  4. Frontpad is scalable and reliable so you can build mission-critical workflows with it.

Note from the founder

Carlos Galarza

Hey! I am Carlos Galarza, an avid builder on a mission to give people programming superpowers. I a have been software engineer for 12+ years and led a few engineering teams. I got into entrepreneurship 10 years ago, and I have founded a few businesses.

Being a programmer feels amazing and I want more people to feel that power. That's why I am building Frontpad!

I love software and product development, and worked with very complex systems and undertaken several technical challenges. It been great so far. However, I think the current state of the programming tools (programming languages, IDEs, libraries, etc) is too complex and sometimes unnecessarily complex for certain use cases.

I have worked with no-code automation/integration tools, and I have done those same things in code. Both approaches have pros and cons, so, I am building Frontpad to have the best of both worlds in one tool. I want people to have the power and flexibility of code with the easy and friendly UI of no-code tools.

Frontpad gives you programming superpowers so you can automate processes in your business and grow it faster. I am building a set of tools make it easier to automate tasks, create forms, create data systems, and build digital products. The first of tool that will be available is automation.

Here are some links about myself if you are curious:

  • I have some open source projects, and I love open source! Indeed that something I want to bring into Frontpad at certain point. Here is my Github.
  • I like to write. Here is my Medium and blog posts.
  • In case you want to connect and maybe chat, here is my Twitter and LinkedIn.